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Just stay home. We're here for you by going there for you!

 Out of diapers or formula? In-laws coming over for dinner? Dog can't find their favorite toy? Diapers, dinner, chewy dinosaur. Delivered. From Albertson's to Walgreen's, if you don't want to go or your time is just more precious/valuable... 253 Delivery has you covered. HIPAA certified, no-contact service. Decades of delivery and customer service experience. Same prices as in stores without all that risky public interaction and time spent shopping.


Personal Shopping

Why go out "in these uncertain times"?



  • PERSONAL SERVICE: You get my personal phone number, not a service! Plus, no "double or triple" orders. I shop for ONE person at a time to devote my full attention to their order.

  • SMART, CARING SHOPPER: If I wouldn't pay for it, I won't bring it to you. Everyone SAYS the shop like it's for family. I shop like I'm going to get to eat dinner with you.​ (NO BIZARRE SUBSTITUTIONS!)

  • IN-STORE PRICES + REAL RECEIPT: I get you the best deals, the sale prices & you get your actual store copy of your receipt!

  • LOCALLY OWNED & OPERATED: My staff consists of me. My son does modeling for Dad's website. You are supporting a family of 3 and a dog every time you shop with 253 Delivery!



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